Photograph Copyright © 2006 Erin Tomanek

13 years ago, a group of us, unsatisfied with the management of other photography forums, decided to open one of our own.

On April 28th, 2006, the Lightcafe was born.

We've had good times and bad times. When Flickr, Facebook, and Google+ showed up, usage started to decline. People felt it was easier to just share on those sites. The amount of posts declined considerably and so did the amount of critique given to those posts. Today, the site goes months, almost a year, with no activity. The host that the site is on upgraded the infrastructure and software, which highlighted how old and out of date the forum software really is. The older the software is, the larger the chance of a bug or vulnerability causing major issues. Therefore, it is with a heavy, saddened heart, that we must close the doors. The site has been backed up. The database, and all of it's wonderful advice has been archived.

Thank you everyone for the good times, the advice, and the friendship.

The Lightcafe Management (